An analysis of the three reasons against the need for metal detectors in schools

Metal detectors are sometimes looked at by some parents and media as a substantial step toward preventing weapons in schools. If they want to pay and have an armed guard at every door, if they want to put metal detectors in, if they want to let teachers who are licensed to carry … the people at the building level are going to know their staff, their buildings, and their communities better than any statewide prescribed solution.

On the other hand, Roberts was said to have told his wife he was seeking revenge for something that happened at the school decades ago, when he was a boy, and to have said he feared he would repeat molestation he had committed in the past. With the metal detectors, as soon as you get to the lobby, they're going through your bag, and they're going to punish you if you do have a "weapon" on you--instead of having a sit-down and finding out why you have this "weapon" or this butter knife.

Boyd pushed back on this argument. Nothing is certain, the researchers said, but they found some hope in their interviews with the shooters. School Security and Metal Detectors: They claim that a dress code can provide guidelines and exclusions for certain types of dress, such as clothing with drug references or vulgar language printed on them, while still allowing students to make their own choices and be an individual.

Some females felt threatened by rude comments by the police officers. Opponents also point to the costs of the metal detector equipment.

How many will be needed to continue to staff the metal detectors throughout the school day? It is set to become the first state where both campus carry and so-called permitless carry are legal. While there are no credible statistics on the exact number of schools using metal detectors, stationary metal detectors used on a daily basis are typically limited to large urban school districts with a chronic history of weapons-related offenses.

In a shooting that lasted less than 80 seconds, a senior at Arapahoe High School walked into the school and killed a classmate before taking his own life. The University of Kansas, Kansas State University, and Wichita State University are home to prominent Division 1 athletic programs whose football teams play in stadiums that hold as many as 50, spectators each.

I think that's an example to the nation and it's an example to us who work here about how we should proceed. So I was able to step into a leadership role.

Metal Detector In Schools Pros and Cons

In fact, aside from anecdotes, little academic research exists on whether security technology actually works. Specifically, sex offenses dropped 96 percent and number of incidents of vandalism had decreased 69 percent. It was unknown whether the stabbing suspects had or had not been screened.

Something as simple as an Instagram post can shut a school down for the day. Superintendents and state schools chiefs acknowledged in interviews that physical security is crucial to maintaining safe schools.

And general school violence -- assaults usually -- have fallen by about half since The bill also provides for the creation of an anonymous reporting system to provide tips about potential attacks and persons who may be inclined to commit acts of violence on campus.

Students stopped coming to school because of the anxiety of being surrounded by metal detectors. Millions of less-educated citizens do as much every day without expensive and time-consuming governmental mandates. Our guide to the week's most revealing, must-read reporting on gun issues.

But are they one solution that could help to make kids safer? The students came up a strategy of getting to school early each day that week and passing out flyers to build for something bigger. But we recognize there are districts where appropriate application of metal detector programs are a necessary additional risk-reduction tool.

Academic Achievement Supporters of school uniforms often cite increased academic achievement as a main reason to adopt such a policy.

Even including homicides caused by drug deals or other disputes, homicides happen only about 12 to 20 times a year at schools in the U. The key questions for parents and school administrators to think about, the researchers said, are: It gives law enforcement, school officials, and students the training, technology, and resources they need to identify and prevent threats.Additionally, 24% of public schools had random dog sniffs for drugs, compared to only % of private schools, and public schools were over six times more likely to have daily metal detector checks.

Id. There are different reasons for different kids, but the following is a list of some of the possible reasons why kids would join a gang.

WATCH: NRATV's Colion Noir Candidly Explains How to Prevent School Shootings

Youth join gangs because: Gangs provide them with a sense of friendship, camaraderie, and family-things that they are not receiving at home or school.

The ban was unpopular, not least because thousands of students in schools with metal detectors were paying daily fees to vendors to store their phones during school hours.

This study sought to address identified gaps in the literature by examining whether and how schools’ utilization patterns of security personnel, cameras, and metal detectors are associated with adolescents’ academic outcomes.

CONCLUSION: There is insufficient data in the literature to determine whether the presence of metal detectors in schools reduces the risk of violent behavior among students, and some research suggests that the presence of metal detectors may detrimentally impact student perceptions of safety. Keywords: violence; injury.

Yes, schools need metal detectors as a safety measure. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people no longer think twice about harming others. Metal detectors in schools will save the lives of students and staff.

An analysis of the three reasons against the need for metal detectors in schools
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